Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and stuff :D

So, I feel compelled to write about our Easter. It was fun, but very hectic and I am glad to be home! Friday we had some friends out. This happens every other week most of the time, but lately it has been every week. They came out and we had a few drinks and laughs. They left about 2 and we went to bed about 4. We got up at 8 on Saturday to head to the parents house. We got there, had to do some hauling for my dad, then took the kids on an Easter scavenger hunt (they are both too old for Easter egg hunts). We went back to the parents, rested for a while, had dinner, then went to dh's cousin's house. This was an interesting visit. He is a very difficult man to get along with at the best of times as he has a very low view of women in general, and especially his wife. Anyway, we left there at 11:30, went back to parents and did Easter baskets, got up Sunday, hid eggs (for the last time, unless we have another one!), loaded about a zillion decorative bricks in our truck, ate lunch, came home, PASSED OUT! :D

So my dh got up this morning with the idea of getting all the bricks unloaded, but it was raining and icky, so that will obviously have to wait. He is not very happy about this, but it is life. The kids are on spring break and driving me insane. My teenager told me in no uncertain terms that I don't care about her and her life, I am a terrible mom, and on and on. The problem is, she is 16 and wants to get a job. Okay, I get that, but she doesn't have her license! I cannot be responsible for her every day this summer, and until she drives better, and is closer to getting her license, NO JOB!

So, for me, it is a great thing that the kids go back to school tomorrow. I am exhausted!

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