Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and stuff :D

So, I feel compelled to write about our Easter. It was fun, but very hectic and I am glad to be home! Friday we had some friends out. This happens every other week most of the time, but lately it has been every week. They came out and we had a few drinks and laughs. They left about 2 and we went to bed about 4. We got up at 8 on Saturday to head to the parents house. We got there, had to do some hauling for my dad, then took the kids on an Easter scavenger hunt (they are both too old for Easter egg hunts). We went back to the parents, rested for a while, had dinner, then went to dh's cousin's house. This was an interesting visit. He is a very difficult man to get along with at the best of times as he has a very low view of women in general, and especially his wife. Anyway, we left there at 11:30, went back to parents and did Easter baskets, got up Sunday, hid eggs (for the last time, unless we have another one!), loaded about a zillion decorative bricks in our truck, ate lunch, came home, PASSED OUT! :D

So my dh got up this morning with the idea of getting all the bricks unloaded, but it was raining and icky, so that will obviously have to wait. He is not very happy about this, but it is life. The kids are on spring break and driving me insane. My teenager told me in no uncertain terms that I don't care about her and her life, I am a terrible mom, and on and on. The problem is, she is 16 and wants to get a job. Okay, I get that, but she doesn't have her license! I cannot be responsible for her every day this summer, and until she drives better, and is closer to getting her license, NO JOB!

So, for me, it is a great thing that the kids go back to school tomorrow. I am exhausted!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ex-families, drama, etc.

So, this is not a weight related post, though there will be an update at the end :D

How do you relate to an ex's family who you haven't spoken to in 6 years without discussing the ex? See, I have a son who VERY rarely (every 2-3 years) sees or speaks to his dad. Well, he is almost 11, and so I was playing on facebook and found his grandpa, and thought (in my stupid, slow brain) that it would be a great idea to talk to him again. Now here is the question, what do you say? He made a comment on his facebook before I found him that he has lots of other grandkids but no recent pictures. I know that my ex has a picture of him from Christmas 2007, so do they just not talk, how do you find this stuff out?

On another drama front, my middle son hates me! He went to live with his dad about a year ago and he wanted to come down for spring break, well it is an 9 hour drive one way. So I told his dad 2 weeks in advance that we could meet halfway on Friday or Saturday. On Thursday his wife calls my dad to change plans. WTF? Really? So I spent all weekend trying to work out a way to go get him in between work schedules, visitations, etc. and no matter what I did his dad wouldn't do it. SOOOO its my fault. Gotta love it!

Anyway, on the weight loss front, I have not weighed this week cuz its, ya know, that time. However, I was steady at 244 last time I weighed about a week ago! So that takes off all the funeral weight and stuff because I got lazy. I also purchased Hip Hop Abs from the internet because my husband and daughter think that would be a great purchase, so we shall see. It should be here by this weekend, which means I start on Monday because I will be out of town before that....

That's all from the funny farm.

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is not a paid advertisement :)

So, for all of my friends out there who are "stuck" like I was, I want to tell you that Lipo-6 Hers is working for me. I do not regularly buy "diet drugs" but I was definitely looking for something to boost my energy. I cannot drink anything with artificial sweetener, so all those energy drinks are out of the question, though my husband swears by them.

I have lost 5 pounds since last Wednesday as of this morning. This makes me not hungry and it gives me a needed energy boost. I am still not back where I started, but I am 2 pounds away so hopefully in the next week or so. What I LOVE LOVE LOVE is that I have the energy to work out, and it really does suppress my appetite.

I do not think that this is necessarily for everyone, and it is not a long term option for me, but it just seems like the cycle goes no energy, lazy, eat more, workout less, gain weight, start over. I am so tired of this I was willing to try anything! My hope is I can lose 15 to 20 pounds on this, get my energy level up naturally, and then wean off and do it all on my own.

In other news, I am going to try to figure out how to get some pics up that my dh took of me yesterday. They are not attractive, but they are an honest look at where I am starting, and it scared even me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gardening sucks

Have you ever tried to lay out a garden with your dh? We did that a few years ago, and this year decided to extend. My buddy Bruce told me that it was a good time to plant onions, so my dh is setting up the new extension to our garden. Here is the thing... ITS NOT STRAIGHT! It will go in a straight line, it has to for the fence, but it is not a 90 degree angle. I should have remembered that last time we did this, the other end was not done right, but I forgot, so we are trying again. The damn thing is, when I tell him it is not straight, he argues with me. I give up, its whatever, do what you are gonna do, ya know?


The other thing that bothers me so much is that I have a job, it may be a job at home, but I GET PAID to do it. So it drives me so crazy that he thinks that at any given time, on any given day, I can get up, help him with the garden, check out the latest and greatest thing on tv, or have sex. Nope, it doesn't work that way. If I don't work, I don't get paid. So it is not in my best interest to be outside for 30 minutes fighting with my husband about the corners of the garden. The good thing is we live in the country, so no one was listening to me yell!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some peace and quiet, and good news!

So, I just got done working on the treadmill. I call it working because it is somewhere between a walk and a run, my goal is to get to 0.5 mile as fast as I can. Today I did it in 11:00! That ROCKS for me! Not too long ago just a few minutes on the treadmill and I thought I was dying. :D

I did my ab ball workout today and yesterday, so I am getting better, but now it is starting to hurt. My muscles just don't understand what I am doing to them right now!

Anyway, the kids are in their rooms, one is asleep! My husband is at work, and until my teenager comes out to have mom time, I get some peace and quiet. This is quite strange in my house (see previous post).

The kitties have settled quite nicely. My dh came home last night and the one we call Killer meowed, growled and hissed all while getting petted and obviously enjoying it. This morning he started following my husband around and trying to climb his leg if he wanted more attention. It is so cute!

I will have to figure out how to post pictures on here, I have a couple of kitty pictures that are just adorable, and the pictures of my pit bull. (Please no negative pit bull comments, I have one, he is our baby, and we love him!)

Anyway, all in all it has been a great day around here.

Duh! The best news of the night is that pretty soon dh and I may have the same days off! That is very exciting as it has been a long time since we have both had jobs and had the same days off. The hours will still suck (he works 3:30-11:30 pm) but at least we can travel a little and enjoy our time off together.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do you get to go to the bathroom by yourself?

Cuz I sure don't! I am not sure why I am posting this here, I guess because it is my forum to bitch and whine when I can't get ahold of anyone who understands.

I was in the bathroom yesterday and today and realized that it has probably been 10 years since I have gone to the bathroom without anyone coming in and interrupting me. Really! I can't seem to get 5 minutes alone and it is driving me insane!

Other crazy goings on, we have added 2 new cats to our household. They are not kittens, they are full grown, neutered (as are most of the males in this house :D) fat cats. I have wanted cats for a while, but my husband kept telling me no. Finally I said that's what I am doing and started the search. These cats have grown up together, been in the same household for 5 years, and I am not sure how well they are going to do here. I had to call the previous owner to get one of them out of the VAN! They are declawed, so I wasn't overly worried about getting hurt, but he was seriously traumatized, and every time I go in there to pet him he will let me, but he growls when I do, it is so strange, but kindof funny.

I got a new Ab Ball. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! I have back problems, so this is an easy way to get in my stretching and ab exercises! As soon as I catch up on the happenings here I am getting back on the treadmill, doing another round of bench press/arm exercises, and doing my workout. My house looks more like a gym than a house right now, but we are making it work, cuz damnit its going to happen!

My husband is also getting in shape along with me, although he doesn't really have to try too hard, just has to remember to get his workout done. He can already see results, but I haven't been able to just yet.

Oh well, time to keep plugging away.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And day 2....

So day 2 of the new plan with good expectations but not overwhelming goals seems to be going well. I got on the treadmill again today, just once so far, and was on it for 10 minutes at almost 3 mph! I am also doing okay on my diet. Today is the best I have done so far, and I have been doing the Slim-Fast for a couple of weeks now. My kids don't understand why mom wants all the junk out of the house! The teenager is the worst about it because she has her own money and she will spend it all on junk if I let her. I have tried and tried to teach that girl good eating, but it just doesn't sink in anymore.

Oh well, one thing at a time. Let's get me healthy and DH healthy then we can start on the kids, right? I think they call that living by example (whoever they are, damn them anyway :) ).